Day 1: bagel brainstorming

The apartment has turned out to be everything Pat and I could need this Summer. We’re located 1.5 away from the garden site, 1 mile from St. Sebastian Parish School, .5 mile from an Acme grocery store, convenience at its finest. It’s a one bed room apartment with a front room, small kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. I quickly took over the front room with my futon mattress, crafty storage box coffee table, and wire shelves from my dorm.The back bedroom is Pat’s territory.

Our first dinner! Pepper jack & sour dough grilled cheeses, veggies and cottage cheese.

Monday was a quality rainy Ohio day, no work. Today was our first day, orientation day! Pat and I met up with our site leader and mentor Dr. John Jewell at Einstein Bagel, about a mile down the road. Dr. Jewell was anxious to get the garden underway. We discussed some of his ideas and the layout of the garden. Later he gave us a tour of Akron’s Northwestern corridor.

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Minimalist living. Home sweet home.


Because going to college wasn’t a big enough change this year, I am living away from home my first summer! After exams ended and all farewells for the summer were said, my parents and I packed up the car and headed east to Rubber City USA, Akron, OH. I’m working as an intern with The Center for Entrepreneurship at Wooster building an organic classroom and garden at an St. Sebastian Parish School. This blog is intended to follow the course of the 10 week educational intern. Let the digging begin…


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