Standing Water

On Sunday during our open house, I had the opportunity to speak to a parishioner who had a considerable amount of knowledge regarding the topography of Summit County. The area that borders Copley into Akron where the garden is located is low lying and up to the 182o belonged mostly to swamp. Into the mid 1800s the land was reclaimed and public work projects to put in roads and other development through the swampy areas took place. Therefore, the land in which the garden is on is wet in general and does not take too much water to saturate the land, especially this one area adjacent to the driveway on account of the driveway’s run off. Early in the planting of the later half of the garden (tilled section) we received a boat load or rain that flooded this section on 2 or 3 occasions. These evens wiped out our weaker plantings, pumpkins & watermelon.

About smegas

I am a rising sophomore at Wooster blogging about my summer internship with The Center of Entrepreneurship. Myself and a fellow intern are working to construct an Organic Classroom and Garden at St. Sebastian Parish School in Akron, OH.
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