Back in Action!

Blogging took a hit while my camera was gone. But the camera is back now! Here are some shots of the garden from today…

Yesterday, Pat and I met up with James Levin from C4E to fill him in with our progress. We pulled together a short powerpoint presentation that sought to explain the objectives of our educational and experiential internship and the progress we have made thus far. The objectives really boiled down to three points:

  • To provide students and teachers at the elementary school with an outdoor classroom in which the principles of gardening/farming, environmental science, and entrepreneurship can be cultivated
  • To develop community connections to the garden
  • To develop opportunities to sustain the garden, i.e. to help develop a revenue stream based on produce from the garden

I really to believe that we have made strides in satisfying the first two objectives. Our third and final objective to develop ways to sustain the garden is our third and final hurdle. Moving into the last three weeks of the internship Pat and I are looking to work on the marketing aspect of creating Sebastian’s Garden (…by the way, while blogging was on hiatus the students at the school voted the official name of the garden to be “Sebastian’s Garden.” Creative, right?). We have been set up with a few local restauranteurs that are interested in our produce as a way to contribute to the local organic movement which we too support. Hopefully as we start getting produce to harvest, these opportunities will still exist and be worthwhile. In addition to the direct marketing of our produce to the restaurant outlets, we will be setting up a stand on Sundays after mass for the church parishioners. Another 20% of our produce will go to the Good Samaritan hunger center.

Sooo…A lot has changed in the garden over the last few weeks. We just recently put up sign posts to trellis the tomato plants with nylon string, as well as trellises for the pole beans and cucumbers. Father Valonczech recently dropped off some statues to safeguard the plants and our hard work. Today Pat worked hard at adding soil to the pumpkin patch while I pruned the tomatoes and of course daily watering and weeding is a must.

The weather has been great this past week. It really does feel like July! The plants have enjoyed the sun. I’ve counted around 15 fruits on the tomato plants in the last day and a half. Hopefully things will take off over the weekend after we get a bit of rain.

Speaking of the weekend….I’m going home for the first time since March. My brother turns 21 on the first and my family is looking to celebrate in full force. Can’t wait to see all my family and friends from home.


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I am a rising sophomore at Wooster blogging about my summer internship with The Center of Entrepreneurship. Myself and a fellow intern are working to construct an Organic Classroom and Garden at St. Sebastian Parish School in Akron, OH.
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