Day 4: friday friday friday

8:00 am I reluctantly laced up my boots for another day of work building beds. Lifting and carrying 12 ft 2”x 10” untreated birch wood is definitely taking a toll on my shoulders and pretty much every other muscle in my body.  When Pat and I got to the site we met with Dr. JJ but we were on our own for the rest of the day. The magic super soil was to arrive in the afternoon. Because of our non-profit status, we’ve been able to cut deals with many of our suppliers to minimize costs. The cost of our soil for example is only a portion of what earth’n’wood usually charges. Until the soil arrived, we prepared the beds for filling. We further secured the sensory garden stacked bed and filled the deep portions of it with wood chips as filler and then lined all the beds with cardboard.  The cardboard is used to kill off the existing grass instead of digging it up. Luckily there is a recycling dumpster near the site with plenty of cardboard for lining.

When the first load of top soil arrived we were very excited. Soon the empty beds, which had begun to look like oversized coffins, would be transformed into conceivable planting beds! Little did we know that, from hereon out,  filling the beds would be our nemesis.

After finishing up around 4:30 I headed over to my 3rd home Starbucks our current complementary internet supplier (3rd to the apartment and the garden site).



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I am a rising sophomore at Wooster blogging about my summer internship with The Center of Entrepreneurship. Myself and a fellow intern are working to construct an Organic Classroom and Garden at St. Sebastian Parish School in Akron, OH.
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