Day 3: construction begins

Today was our first day of decent weather for building. It was overcast in the morning while we were finalizing our plans. And by the time the afternoon rolled around, we were in full sun. We were able to divide the labor for preparing the beds to be assembled. Dr. Jewell and Pat cut 4 ft and 2 ft end pieces of 2”x10” and I drilled 6 pilot holes for each piece. After most of the wood was cut, I leveled and supported pieces while Pat drilled the screws into the pilot holes. By the end of the day we assembled all 9 of the learning classroom beds and a stacked sensory garden bed. One of the few requests the teachers at St. Sebastian had was for a sensory herb garden. The sensory garden would allow the students to use their senses to identify and be familiarized with a variety of different herbs. The stacked beds enabled us to build a bed that is more compartmentalized, with 5 smaller beds.

After all one day’s hard work, I hopped my bike back to the apartment. I picked up the bike in Akron from a craigslist vendor. It’s a powder blue 5 speed (though I still haven’t learned how to operate the gears) Sears Speedway bike from the 70s. The handlebars ride high for a road bike and the brakes are not really brakes, more like speed buffers. But the important part is that, it goes. I think it looks pretty sweet anyways.

After a much deserved shower my friend from Woo had me over for a home cooked meal and tour around her hometown of Stow, OH, just North of Akron. Luckily I do have a few friends in the Akron-Canton area, otherwise I think I’d feel pretty stranded with just my bike and an unfamiliar city.

Construction begins..

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I am a rising sophomore at Wooster blogging about my summer internship with The Center of Entrepreneurship. Myself and a fellow intern are working to construct an Organic Classroom and Garden at St. Sebastian Parish School in Akron, OH.
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