Prep Work

This weekend I drove to Columbus to visit my friend who is moving to the East Coast before he left. While I was gone Pat and Proff JJ built three benches. The benches have no fastening hardware at all! Amazing!

Prior to leaving for columbus, I put together an advertisement for an open house, self guided tour on July 10. The open house will be a great opportunity to familiarize the community with the garden and collect information about volunteers!

About smegas

I am a rising sophomore at Wooster blogging about my summer internship with The Center of Entrepreneurship. Myself and a fellow intern are working to construct an Organic Classroom and Garden at St. Sebastian Parish School in Akron, OH.
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  1. Mad at you says:

    I’m happy you only visited your friend whose moving east ,and not ur friend who is a girl and isn’t moving anywhere but will be your room mate her senior year, your junior..,but, Cool blog keep up the good work!! :)

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